Security Consulting

Your business and assets are only as good as the security measures implemented. Unfortunately, no one ever makes changes in security until it’s too late. Lack of proper training and planning can lead to a security nightmare that can have catastrophic results.


At the Moneé group, we believe in providing our clients with a security plan, policies and standard operating procedures that best suits their environment. By providing a detailed, proactive security plan, in addition to selecting and properly training a security staff, we can greatly reduce or even eliminate potential security problems.


When hiring employees, security and liability must be kept in mind.  The Moneé Group will also do employee screening, background checks, and set up drug testing policies and procedures. 


With a combined 60 years of experience, our consultants have worked in the security industry, local/state/federal law enforcement, executive/dignitary/asset protection, physical security and military service. We use our training and experience to overcome a continuously changing industry.