Security and Public Safety Consulting
Security and Public Safety Consulting

Unfortunately, many school districts do not have a lot of money to provide adequate security.  In many other cases, money allotted for security is spent in a wasteful manner, leaving children and school staff at risk.


Many school districts spend a lot of money on emergency management, which is good. However, prevention (being proactive) is equally important. There are many techniques that can be implimented that are not very expensive.


In most schools, there is usually only one way in and that is usually through the main office. However, in many cases, office personnel are not properly trained and unable to stop someone determined to get in. And, the fencing usually is not that high and easily negotiated. 


A panic button system as well as heavy metal doors that can be remotely controlled are very effective.


Security officers are only as good as their training and the policies implimented allowing them the full benefit that the laws extend to them.  If not properly trained, especially those who are armed could create a greater risk rather than controlling or eliminating the incident.



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Before hiring a security company, alarm response, patrol company or any other security vendors, contact us for an evaluation.


Security companies will take advantage of someone if they feel that that person doesn't know much about security. In addition, many security companies advertise consulting however; their only goal is to place guards and install their equipment in an effort to make a larger profit.


In so many cases, security guards have little to no training which places a potential liability to their clients. 



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