Disaster Management

Some disasters are preventable, some are not. Either way, disasters can be very emotional and tragic. Yes, disasters can be prevented. In order to avoid a disaster, it is very important to take preventive measures. Prior and proactive planning can greatly reduce or even eliminate the chances of a disaster happening. At The Moneé Group, we evaluate absolutely every angle of your business, location, and assets to provide you with a plan that will help you avert a disaster. It doesn't matter what business you are in, or what your location is, we can help.


In the event of a disaster, it is extremely important to have a calm, clear thinking process. The Moneé Group will provide just that process. Not even a large scale natural disaster is too big for us. We will get you through it.


Large scale natural disasters are especially trying and tragic.  In the event of weather disasters, there is usually prior notice.  Therefore, prior planning and aquisition/placement of resources is imminent.  Many things must come into play at the same time, and executed in a methodical process. We can provide the right guidance in preparing and executing this process.


Unfortunately, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy are examples of poor planning and response to a disaster.