The Moneé Group proudly provides employment preparation and training consisting of:


  • Job search
  • Contact and applications
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing
  • Conduct
  • Appearance
  • Job Retention



Mr. Bennett has previously facilitated job preparation seminars for the State of California and Riverside County Economic Developement Department in addition to the Operation Teen Work program. Mr. Bennett has also facilitated training for Veterans Job Services.


The Moneé Group understands that this not a security or public safety related topic however; we feel that it is important that we share our experience in this field with others in the workforce as employment is more difficult to find at this time in our economic situation.  It is very important to be as competitive as possible in order to secure job placement.  


Statistics show that when jobs are hard to find and if people are not properly trained and have served some type of punishment for a crime, they tend to return to that lifestyle.  This plays a large part in revitisism rates.