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The Moneé Consulting Group teaches officer safety, knowledge (surroundings and laws/policies) and training as the three most important aspects of their job.


Police officers risk their lives on a daily basis.  Additionally, they are at risk of injury, whether it be caused by their own actions or another person.  Therefore, it is imminent that not only they keep themselve in excellent physical condition, but also thoroughly trained and fluent in the use of their weapons and other gear issued for their daily work.  If officers are not continually training and fluent with their gear, they will not be confident using them which could end in serious bodily harm or even death of citizens or officers.


Every department trains their officers in the ladder of force however; it usually always begins with verbal commands.  At The Moneé Group, our experience shows that an officers mere presence can effect most situations.  Therefore, we teach officer presence (good command presence) as the first level in the ladder of force.  With that in mind, the officer's appearance is a big factor.  If the officer appears to be in good physical condition with a "squared away" uniform, in most cases the criminal activity will cease immediately and subjects are reluctant to disobey, resist or fight.


With regards to physical condition, it is imminent that police officers are in excellent physical shape.  If not, the officer will not be as effective and is at a greater risk for injury.  All police departments should adopt a physical condition policy for all officers and not just for the academy. 


Many departments do not have drug testing policies.  It is very important that these policies be implimented for the safety of fellow officers and citizens alike. 


Frequent continual training in the use of firearms in imminent.  If an officer is not proficient in their uses and various scenarios, he/she risks their death, the death of other officers, deaths of innocent bystanders and legal troubles for the officer and the department over an unjustified shooting as an officer only has a fraction of a second to decide whether or not to pull the trigger; and once fired, there is no pulling that round back.  Additionally, the cleanliness of an officers weapon is very important because their weapon could potentially jam due to rust, dirt or other debris.


Pepper spray is a tool that can easily harm an officer.  He/she in many cases only has a split second to decide whether or not to deploy the chemical.  If the officer is not completely aware of his/her surroundings, the officer risks being exposed to the chemical, whether it is via the wind or forced back due to close proximity to an object or even the individual that it will be deployed on.  Additionally, continual training (and yes, exposure) is essential so that they will learn how to work through the discomfort and to protect themselves as well as their firearm if exposed.  Many departments teach that an officer do whatever necessary to effect an arrest, even if contaminated with the chemical.  Keeping officer safety in mind, we teach that if an officer is contaminated, disengage from the subject and move to the taser or service pistol.  Protection of that weapon is priority.


The baton is another tool in the ladder of force that is lower on the ladder before use of the firearm.  However, it can still cause serious bodily harm or even death.  Therefore, officers must be completely proficent in it's use.


Handcuffing, control holds, takedowns and other defensive tactics need to be continually practiced for officer safety and quick resolution of incidents.  If an officer becomes involved in a fight and is having a difficult time controlling a subject, it is best disengage and move to pepper spray, tazer or even their weapon.  Fear of great bodily harm even death is justification to shoot a subject.  Again, officer safety is the first priority.


Report writing is essential.  Any mistake can lead to a dismissal of charges and potential lawsuit.  Defense attorneys will find any little flaw in the report in order to get a dismissal or not guilty decision.  Additionally, it can effect the officer's credibility and has the potential to effect an officers other cases and could end a career.


The Moneé Consulting Group offers thorough additional training to keep officers proficient as well as design training programs, physical fitness programs and drug testing policies.  At The Moneé Group, we firmly believe in high intesity, high stress training.



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