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Unfortunately, most security companies provide little to no training.  Further, their company policies do not allow security staff to get involved in any incident, rather just call their company or 911.  Unfortunately for companies who contract security, it is a waste of their money because any one of their employees can do the same thing.


Many businesses who contract security companies are lured by an insurance policy.  The problem with this is that the insurance policy only covers up to a certain amount and if a judgment is higher, the business will be responsible for the balance.  Further, any lawsuits or judgments are made public information, therefore anyone looking into that business will see what happened, potentially causing problems. 


Another thing to keep in mind is that some security companies will file for bankruptcy when a judgment is issued and reopen under another name.  In this case, the business will be responsible for the entire judgment.


An additional problem is that there are a number of security companies that operate unlicensed and uninsured.  It is imperative that a business research the security company and verify through their respective state's bureau.  Additionally, it is suggested to ask for proof of licensing and insurance.


Security companies are supposed to be the first line of defense for those who contract them.  It is very important that security companies allow their staff to be proactive (prevention and deterence is key).  It is also important for a security staff to be properly trained and allowed to react to an incident.  Strict policies, procedures and training should be implimented.


Many times, security officers will be targeted by criminals.  Therefore it is important that they are thoroughly trained in self-defense and in the uses of the tools and gear that they carry.  As with police officers, appearance (a good command presence) and physical condition is of high importance. 


In order to be effective, security officers need to be fluent with their state's laws, elements of a crime and their legal rights as a security officer and citizens arrest guidlines.


Just as police officers, it is imperative that security officers be thoroughly trained in the uses of weapons possessed.  Even more important, security officers should receive continual training in all aspects of their job.


Drug testing is very important as well and not just as a pre-employment screening.  Security officers should be randomly drug and alcohol tested as well as after any injury or accident.


Most security companies do not understand that they can be sued as well for negligence when one of their officers do nothing. 


At The Moneé Consulting Group, we strongly suggest that any business or person looking to hire a contract security company contact us prior to doing so as most companies that advertise security cunsulting are security providers usually with intentions of getting security officers assigned in order to make a larger, long term profit. 

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Before hiring a security company, alarm response, patrol company or any other security vendors, contact us for an evaluation.


Security companies will take advantage of someone if they feel that that person doesn't know much about security. In addition, many security companies advertise security consulting however; their only goal is to place their security guards and install their equipment in an effort to make a larger profit.


In so many cases, security guards have little to no training which places a potential liability to their clients. 



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