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Physical security refers to measures that are designed to protect buildings, facilities, personnel, stored information and any other physical element and offers guidance on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts.  Physical security can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as multiple layers of barriers, sensors, surveillance systems and/or armed security.


Access Control refers to the measures used to keep unauthorized persons out. Keeping unauthorized persons out is the first measure in protecting physical elements as well as personnel. Access control is the number one thing to be considered when protecting our children at schools.


Whether it is a store in a strip mall or a facility that has classified information or products, we will develope and implement a physical security plan that will prevent any unauthorized persons from damaging, destroying or removing anything.


Magnetometer checkpoints are another form of access control. There are some that believe that there should be a time limit placed on how long a person should have to wait at a checkpoint however; at The Monee Consulting Group, we disagree. We believe that safety and security can't and shouldn't be rushed.


We will use any and all tools available from designing camera and alarm systems to ground sensors, electrical fencing, armed security, K-9's, magnetic ID scans, figerprint scan and if needed, sniper posts.  We also use many other techniques to obtain complete physical security.


For smaller locations, such as strip malls, we implement a wide range of techniques to proactively deter criminals from attempting criminal activities, as well as educating business owners as to how they can better protect themselves and set up floor plans and window advertisement locations in order to better see who could possibly enter the business from any location in the store.  We will also implement a plan for after hours security for the location. If security personnel are able to be funded, we will screen and train officers as well as develope and impliment security standard operating procedures.

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Before hiring a security company, alarm response, patrol company or any other security vendors, contact us for an evaluation.


Security companies will take advantage of someone if they feel that that person doesn't know much about security. In addition, many security companies advertise security consulting however; their only goal is to place their security guards and install their equipment in an effort to make a larger profit.


In so many cases, security guards have little to no training which places a potential liability to their clients. 



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