Security and Public Safety Consulting
Security and Public Safety Consulting

I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.



Training received in police academies and initial training for security officers are very important as it serves as an introduction to what daily work will be like.  However, intial training is a first time use of weapons and other tools for almost all trainees, therefore continuous training is more important.  If police officers and security officers are not continually training, both tactically and with the laws, they will not be fluent, comfortable and confident in their uses which could create a life and death situation. 

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Before hiring a security company, alarm response, patrol company or any other security vendors, contact us for an evaluation.


Security companies will take advantage of someone if they feel that that person doesn't know much about security. In addition, many security companies advertise consulting however; their only goal is to place guards and install their equipment in an effort to make a larger profit.


In so many cases, security guards have little to no training which places a potential liability to their clients. 



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