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Child safety-Summer break




According to the FBI, crimes rise approximately ten percent in the summer months.  Murder rises 16 percent and rape and other violent crimes such as assault and robbery rise by 13 percent.   In 2005, there were over 3,000 accidental drowning’s.  More than one in four fatal drowning victims are children 14 or younger.  Four children require medical attention for water related injuries for every one child who dies.


Why are these statistics important?  Because kids are on summer break and often times are left home alone due to the fact that many parents work.  And as we all remember, summer vacation is full of a lot of time do to nothing!  No one wants their child to be a victim of a crime and most parents do not believe that their child would be involved in criminal activity.


If peer pressure isn’t enough, it is during the long summer break that teenagers get into more trouble with drugs and alcohol and get involved with other crimes such as theft and assault.


A lot of children are left home alone with older siblings.  Parents need to recognize that the older siblings many times are children themselves.  In these circumstances, parents should give them strict rules, discuss their responsibilities, and make sure they are very clear and understood.  Further, it should be understood by the older siblings that they should not have friends over or leave the house without the parents’ permission.


It is suggested that parents who work call and check on their children during the day.  Also make sure they have your work and cellular numbers, as well as a family members and even a neighbors.  It is also a good idea to insure that those family members and neighbor have your contact numbers as well.


Make sure your children know not to open the door for anyone they do not know.  Additionally, advise them never to tell anyone that either of the parents are not home, whether at the door or over the phone


Be sure to keep all cleaning products,  chemicals and other poisonous products where your children cannot get to them.


Make your children aware of fire safety.  It is not a good idea to allow them to use the stove, oven or BBQ.  Insure they know where fire extinguishers are located as well as how to properly use them.  Additionally, have a fire evacuation plan posted and understood, including the use of locks and window security bars.


Advise your children to stay away from pools, lakes, canals and any other unsupervised water locations.  Additionally, it is a good idea to teach your children how to swim and other water safety.  Children drown because they are not properly supervised.  They  tend to wander off without being noticed.


More importantly, your children should be familiar with 911 and your home security systems panic and fire/medical emergency features.



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