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Crimes Against The Elderly




Crimes against the elderly are on a rapid rise, and specifically here in our valley.  Criminals seek out their elderly victims because they are perceived as helpless and easy targets. 


Some of the current scams being used on elderly victims now are the following:


·         Calls from scammers claiming to be family that are in trouble and need money.  They will ask their victims to wire transfer money to them.

·         Calls from scammers claiming their victims have won a lottery.  They will say that in order to receive the money, they must pay taxes and transfer fees.

·         Prepaid credit cards:  Some prepaid cards are a scam.  Scammers will call and tell their victims they have won a car or other large luxury items and tell their victims they need to add money to cover the taxes.  After receiving that money, they will call back and ask for licensing fees.  After receiving that money, they will call again and say that the taxes have increased, and that more money must be added.  These additional charges will continue as long as their victims keep adding the money.


Don’t fall victim to these crimes.  Here are a few tips to avoid becoming a victim:


·         Do not give money over the phone or solicitation via emails, i.e. credit card or bank info, or wire transfers unless it is a trusted person or business.  Banks and other organizations will not ask for account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords or other personal information over the phone or in emails.

·         If a caller tells you the offer is only good at that time, or if the offer sounds too good to be true, it’s usually a scam.  Do not give them any personal info, especially account or credit card numbers.

·         Before wiring money to a family member claiming to be in trouble, confirm with another family member the validity of the claim.

·         Never allow anyone into your home, even if they claim to need to use the phone or restroom, or in need of medical treatment.  If they appear to need medical treatment, call 911.

·         If asked to invest in a company or other business from someone that you have not reached out to, do not give them any personal info, i.e. credit cards, cash, or checks.


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