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What Happens When Adults or Students Ignore Warnings of Potential School Violence?

That sounds like a silly question, right? You’d think at this time in our lives with the number of school shootings that have taken place over the last few years that that would never happen. Well, it does.

If an act of violence does occur and the school district, employee or a student had information prior; who, if anyone should be held accountable? Should it be the superintendent? The school board? The school employee? The student? Or anyone who knew about it that did nothing to address the potential violence?

I recently had a discussion with a few employees from two different school districts and what I heard was unbelievable.

One individual told me of a student that posted on social media that he was going to “shoot up” and that it was “going down” at their graduation. The school district knew of the threat however kept it from teachers, parents and other administration staff. The school district did however; have law enforcement present but no one knew why. I can understand not wanting to cause a panic however; the teachers and parents had a right to know.

On another occasion, a student wrote on a note card that he was going to shoot everyone, that everyone was dead (I’m paraphrasing). When law enforcement arrived, they refused to act because they believed that the student was not in his right mind. If that was the case, they could have taken the student to a mental facility for an evaluation.

Yet on another occasion, a student told his friend that he was going to pull the fire alarm and get to a high place and shoot people as they exited the buildings. The friend said nothing to any one. The next day, someone pulled the fire alarm and the friend was yelling at other students not to leave the building. Thank God nothing happened.

These could have all been very real incidents. What would have happened if they were and no one said or did anything? We could have been watching yet another school shooting with an unknown amount of injuries and possible deaths.

Please tell every student and school staff member you know that if they hear anything about any kind of violence to report it right away. Your child or other family member’s life may depend on it.



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