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Since we seem to be having mulitple school shootings, we need to understand why and how to prevent them from happening in the future.


First, many people feel that gun control is the solution. Others feel that mental heath is an issue that must be addressed, and others feel that access control is the problem.


Keep in mind that guns don't kill people, people kill people.


At the Monee Consulting Group, it is not our practice to offer our opinions, just solutions. 


Below is the article that Mr. Bennett wrote for an Oregon Newspaper in response to an 'Arming Teachers' article that they published from a cummunity meeting.






The topic of arming of our teachers have varying opinions however; one is seen as the first line of defense for our children.


Is arming teachers the only solution? No, but it is one part of a more thorough solution.

Many feel that if a student shows signs of abnormal behavior, he can be treated psychologically however; that is another part of a more thorough solution.


Another part of the solution would be to set up an avenue of communication for students to advise designated staff of any displays of violent speech or behavior as well as any comments regarding harming themselves or others.


Access control and physical security are the most important things in keeping an outside attacker from gaining access onto school grounds. During school hours and events, there should only be one way in, one way out and restricted.


Inside school grounds, a resource officer is only as good as his/her training and their location during an incident, and they would be the only line of defense.


If we arm teachers, there would have to be extensive initial training as well as regular training. One concern is funding. Hopefully schools could get grants to cover some or all the costs.

Weapons training is the most important part. They would have to be proficient in the handling, care and firing of the weapon they carry. The weapon does not have to be visible or locked in a safe; it could be strapped to their ankle.


The second most important part of arming teachers is tactics and crowd control. How they approach a shooter alone or with multiple other teachers, i.e. cover and crossfire, could be a great success or fatal. Also, when to fire if there are students around.


These are just a few things that must be taught and should receive continual training. Adrenaline will be a factor however; on-duty police officers experience adrenaline in these situations as well.


Keep something in mind; we cannot put a price on the lives of our children.








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