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Gun Control




The truth about gun related deaths is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


“Accidental” deaths occur when someone is handling a gun wrong or in an unsafe manner; that’s why many years ago the Marine Corps changed the wording from “accidental discharge” to “negligent discharge”.


Always think safety anytime you are around or handling a gun. Safety, safety, safety. Get the proper training so that you will know the proper ways to handle a gun as well as shoot, and continually train with that gun so that you remain proficient.


Liberals like to use shootings as reasoning for gun control. What they don’t understand or just don’t care about is that criminals will always get their hands on guns whereas law abiding citizens will have a hard time getting a gun. What happens then?


When criminals know or suspect that individuals have guns, they’re far less likely to commit a crime against those individuals however; when they know that there is nothing that can stop them, they will commit crimes at their own free will which will result in higher crime rates. In addition to higher crime rates, it will also have an economic effect. We could see more injuries which could lead to more hospital visits which costs money, then medical insurance premiums could go up. We could see more property thefts and damages which also costs money and could lead to those insurance premiums going up. Business that got robbed will lose whatever cash is taken in addition to any goods that are stolen and again, their insurance premiums could rise.


Look at Chicago for example; there were 4,331 shootings and 762 homicides in 2016 which was more than Los Angeles and New York combined, and Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. The city claims that most of the guns are illegal and come from outside the city. That proves the point that criminals can get guns easily.


The second amendment of the US Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms however; there are liberals out there that believe that the constitution is a living document and that it should evolve with time which includes abolishing the second amendment. We cannot allow that or gun control to happen, our safety depends on it.



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